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Changing Aid Modalities Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Changing Aid Modalities - Assignment ExampleThe Tanzanian government needs to be in the forefront in ensuring that the support being tending(p) by the donors is utilized effectively in order to win their confidence. However, the government has been acting as a stumbling block, an aspect that has been affecting the level of development in the country. It is impossible for the donors to give out money and fail to monitor how its being utilized. This is because many of the African leaders fork up been accused of corruption. In addition, these governments have not set up strong institutions that would play an oversight role, thereby ensuring that every penny by donors is accounted for. Moreover, the government has a long chain of demand involving the central government, and local government. These can be the loopholes that can be used by the leaders to embezzle donor funds. Therefore, there was need to involve an self-sufficient party to ensure that the money is utilized effectively. There is need to establish an independent auditing body which get out serve the interests of the Tanzanian government and that of the donors. Although the issue looks analogous it has been settled, there is need to ensure that it does not erupt once again. This is through ensuring that there is a joint body established by the two bodies which will be mandated with ensuring that the interests of the two parties are taken into consideration. Both parties should appoint their representatives, an aspect that will play a significant role in reducing the interlocking levels.The government should not be involved in the management of donor aid. Already, it has a mandate of ensuring that the current resources are utilized effectively. In addition, it has been dotted by different cases of corruption. This is the reason why many of the officials feel that the donors should leave the role of managing the funds to the government officials. However, doing this will make it hard for the funds

What is feminismwhat is feminist Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

What is feminismwhat is libber - Essay ExampleMy best friend, Cheng Zhang also has the same view that women should be free from any patriarchal control in the society. Cheng also associated herself with women celebrities like Wendi Deng and Hilary Clinton who are feminists. Cheng was proud to be a woman while responding during interviews and her body lyric was enthusiastic. My mother, Lei Wang was quite content to take care of her home and family where she is the home-maker. She declined to be a feminist as it would put her into mental stress and explained feminism as the role of a woman in taking responsibility and decisions in family life. My mother was quite conservative in her body language. My atomic number 91, Weijie Cai considers himself to be a feminist and believes that feminism is all about the aspect of equality of rights among men and women. He was quite assertive with his body language. The fifth and the last respondent was Abby Chen who is my dads friend and she is a n acute feminist. She believes in women rights and has held events on feminism in China. She was quite aggressive in her body language. Trends were observed from the respondents that the young extension is to a greater extent passionate of the feminist sentiment. The feminist sentiment is also strongly present in the previous generation as in the case of my dads friend but a higher percentage likes to go either by the concept of equal rights among men and women or some women may go off themselves to be called as feminist due to the aspects of man hating and unattractiveness associated with feminism.Looking at the aspect of Zombie feminism which explains the growth of feminism sentiment among the young generation from the stage of its apparent death over a period of time in modern era, I assumed that there would be varied responses from the interviewees on their consideration towards feminism. Although there were both positive and negative responses on feminist view, this could be

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Motivation Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Motivation Paper - Essay ExampleFifth or the last layer of hierarchy is related to the need of self-actualization. At this stage, a somebody is motivated to achieve the highest degree of autonomy and comfort in life. dispute has become very necessary in todays business world. Engagement may have been optional in the past, but its pretty much the whole game today (Hamel). This theory will be impelling in increasing employee engagement because the managers can target the first four layers of needs to increase employee motivation and engagement levels. The managers can provide employees with housing accommodation to meet one of their basic physiological needs. They can also provide them with a safe and interactive work environment to meet their second and threesome layers of needs. Fourth layer of needs can also be met by appreciating the hard work of employees and encouraging them. If managers focus on these little things, they can definitely increase the employee engagement level .The need for achievement is the need of a person to achieve all personal and professional objects. Achievement of any type of goal makes people happy and confident. Power is another human need. People, who are motivated by power, want to dominate and shape other peoples views and behaviors. The three need is the need for affiliation. People want to make relationships with other people in order to remain active in the society.This theory cannot be very effective in increasing the employee engagement level because it focuses more on materialism, which is neither good for an employee nor for the company. For example, this theory focuses on achievement and power. People definitely peel in their lives to achieve something but when they will always work for personal achievements, they will put their job responsibilities aside and it will not be in favor of the company. Similarly, if managers give them more power than they should get in

FMS Optimisation using Discrete Event Simulation and Genetic Algorithm Essay

FMS Optimisation using Discrete Event Simulation and Genetic Algorithm - experiment ExampleThe production planning in the manufacturing systems argon forecasted using Enterprise Resource Planning package recently. Since the market demand varies every now and so the process has to be driven based on that. Flexible manufacturing system functions by utilising these advancements and deliver multiple products of sufficient quantity as per the demand.Genetic Algorithms are found to provide solutions for real-time problems in various operations. It has been used conveniently for researchers for various search and optimization problems. Owing to the problems associated with FMS optimization using Genetic algorithmic rule and discrete simulation system this present project is initiated. Kazuhiro Saitou et al. (2002) presented a robust design of FMS using colored Petri nets and genetic algorithm. In their work it was found that the imaging allocation and operation schedule were modelled as colored Petri nets. Their robust model designed minimized the production cost under multiple operation plan. It as able to handle large data sets conveniently as well as operates flexibly by using an genetic algorithm merged with shortest close operation time dispatching rule and automatically finds the optimal resource. These kinds of simulation can be more applicable in situation where there is varied affair specification. Discrete event simulationThe discrete event simulation works powerfully in optimization and decision-making process in manufacturing systems. Merchawl and Elmaraghy (1998) developed an analytical memory access to customize the discrete event simulation for decision-making in flexible manufacturing systems. Planning horizon, the overall system middling interarrival time and the average number of workstation influences the simulation bombardment time. In their approach they reduced the simulation run time by aggregating the number of workstations. They also validated their methods with sample and control measures by running the applications with and without aggregation of the workstation. The results showed a 400% time reduction with fewer errors.Mostly the Genetic Algorithms (GA) is coupled with other techniques or processes to handle complex situation. Studies carried out revealed that increasing the alteration rates above optimum level cannot solve the problems associated. The study was focused on finding methods to improve the performance of GA by improving the average fitness of the initial population, P. Fenton and P. Walsh (2005)Review and AnalysisThe project impart focus on initial aspects of reviewing the present complications and problems associated with the utilities of GA and Discrete event simulation methods. The archetypical phase of review will focus on identifying the present application of these algorithms in various domains and its recent advancements. The next phase of the review analysis will be focused towards identifying all the limitations of these systems at the implementations

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Have sanctions achieved their political and economic goals in Zimbabwe Dissertation

Have sanctions achieved their political and economic goals in Zimbabwe - Dissertation ExampleIt cannot be denied that the given policies pass on to or so extent helped in stabilizing the strongly sanctioned economy by preventing a total collapse of the economic systems of a country that was once considered precise successful. It is known that sanctions do not generally serve a positive role because they mostly lead to outcomes that be ban. Governments are known to develop hap plans that aim at countering the adverse impact of sanctions. It is also evident that the sanctions imposed by the West are more reflective of thei...r own interests instead of what they suggest to affect. Because of the different varieties of sanctions that have been imposed on Zimbabwe in its different sectors, this paper has mainly examined the economic and political impacts of the sanctions on the country and its people. This paper has found that subsequently the imposition of sanctions in Zimbabwe, a number of sectors have deteriorated and put the lives of citizens to immense risk in view of the collapse of health, education and water supply systems. Thus, the sanctions have worked in aggravating the conditions of people because the countrys relations with western countries have been soured and it has been virtually isolated in having only negligible beguile amongst powerful nations. 1. Introduction It has been observed that states that have been known to violate human rights were invariably imposed with sanctions in different ways. Simply understood, sanctions are forms of punishments imposed on such states in order to make them comply with the given provisions of law. It is known historically that economic sanctions have been often used as an option to armed conflicts in making states to comply with given requirements. Zimbabwe has been under the grip of economic sanctions for over a decade, which has been imposed by the USA, the European Union, New Zealand, Switzerland an d Australia on account of alleged human rights violations by the government. The US and the EU believe that the sanctions are measures to restrict the activities of President Mugabe and some officials of his government that are supportive of his policies. In contrast, the ZANU PF, Mugabe political party, has viewed the sanctions as being targeted against the entire nation. This paper will analyze the issue of whether the sanctions have achieved their political goals in Zimbabwe. The paper will make a critical appraisal of the effectiveness of the sanctions regime imposed on Zimbabwe The major crisis situations that led to the imposition of sanctions will be outlined after which the positive and negative impact of the sanctions will be examined by determining the effectiveness of the sanctions regime. In order to understand the issue thoroughly, it is important to briefly examine the historical patterns of sanctions. Essentially, sanctions are a means available to the UN Security Cou ncil under provisions of chapter 7

Critical Review of Contemporary NPD Issues Essay

Critical Review of Contemporary NPD Issues - Essay ExampleBoth the research findings acknowledge that the scale of a companys operations is immaterial to the chances of favorable outcomes relate to the application of innovation, as Laforet (2011) suggests that the innovative capabilities of small and medium enterprises are comparable to that of large organizations. Another finding asserts that reporttion has paradoxical managerial impacts by presenting both negative and positive consequences of the said swear out in organizations. The scale of the company however, does impact the choices it makes related to innovation, for example, why would a business wish to magnify its ideation and innovation capabilities in the first place? Certainly as represented by the findings of the articles which are assessed, it can be noted that large organizations in equality with small and medium enterprises realize the need to create a strategic fit between their resource capacities and assets as a comprehension of their ideation capabilities is directly related to the distribution of resources which ultimately allows the formulation of an idea into an innovation. On the other hand, the objectives of a small or medium sized business in engaging in new product development maybe entirely associated with its objective of seeking success or to achieve short-term gain. Hence, the purpose of this paper is to critically give way the competing ideologies of how New Product Development and Innovation should take place and how it actually takes place, which is either by entirely basing the framework of innovation at an organization upon the components of the ideation process or by engaging in an innovative practice by implementing system wide innovation procedures. Furthermore, the paper will also discuss the managerial implications of the articles findings by determining the variables and factors that are dependent upon the success of measures such as NPD, process improvement and i deation potential. Factors affecting innovation According to Bjork et al. (2010) the foundation of innovation is idea generation or ideation which is dependent upon the level of creativity and inventiveness of the employees and groups within an organization. Once this principle is recognized by the management, it should try to develop channels finished which employees can successfully voice their ideas, such channels can range from technology centered pathways or the utilization of teams that should range across functional departments of an organization. cooper (2008) favors computer-based ideation techniques such as webpages which can allow external parties to supply ideas related to new products, such facilities are readily used by organizations such as Procter and Gamble which are at the forefront of an ideation revolution. Procter and Gambles Connect and Develop ideation model is an example of an open system that invites and welcomes idea stimulation from a range of contributo rs. Laforet (2011) presents a more traditional and conventional view of the factors that may influence innovation, this

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The Evolution of Automobiles from fossile fuels to hybrid and electric Research Paper

The Evolution of Automobiles from fossile fuels to intercrossed and electric - Research Paper Example(Bruno 499-534) However, the auto that some researchers agree began the move from using horse and buggies can be attributed to Karl Friedrich Benz, who invented the first true automobile with his innovative gasoline powered internal combustion locomotive between 1885 and 1886. His German patent for this three wheeled, four-cycle automobile was, DRP no. 37435. (Bruno 499-534) Between 1885 and 1903, at that place were several successful designs marketed in the United States, one of these was first Oldsmobile, the slew Dash produced between 1900 and 1904. (GM) Henry Ford is among the most well-known of the automobile innovators with his launching of the Ford Motor Company in 1903 and subsequent call of the regale including standardized parts and mass production of the Model T. From this point on automobiles became more efficient and widely used. The modern fossil fuel powered ca r is more fuel-efficient in many areas then many of the older cars that were produced however, this is not by much. According to Ford, the Model T which began mass-production in 1913 averaged a fairly full-blooded 25 miles to the gallon. Nonetheless, by 1923, the year the study begins, the average fuel efficiency of the entire US fleet was 14 mpg. (Mulcahy 1) According to the article, fuel efficiency has but improved an average of three miles per gallon. This means that unless we switch over to electric or hybrid vehicles we could see serious problems with the planets ecosystem. Many of the environmental problems our country faces straight off result from our fossil fuel dependence. These impacts include global warming, air quality deterioration, oil spills, and acid rain. (Clean Energy 2) Even though electric cars were used from virtually the beginning, they have not been in widespread use until recently. With an increasing awareness of the world around us has come the need t o reduce the use of fossil fuels. New technology using hydrogen fuel cells allow a much better, cleaner approach to the question regarding our environment around us. Hydrogen is a versatile energy carrier that can be used to power nearly every end-use energy needed. (Hydrogen Fuel Cells) In 2007, General Motors (GM) unveiled a hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered version of its Chevrolet Volt concept, a family of electric cars that get a portion of their energy from being plugged into the electrical grid. (Bullis) Currently in the United States, there are several various hybrids and electric vehicles available for purchase, some of these are very small and some are transport trucks. Because too much use of fossil fuels can be bad for the environment the change to hybrid fuels and electric vehicles will be a good thing for the world. Beginning in 2009 several new cars became available. Though a few electric cars and plug-in hybrids are currently available on the market, several new models incl uding the Nissan LEAF, Chevrolet Volt, and Mitsubishi i MiEV are plan to hit the streets in the near future. Toyota, creator of the popular Prius hybrid, has thus far declined to deliver a fully electric car. (Timeline History of the Car) We should see improvements in hybrid and electric cars over the next several decades and will likely see greater use until the fossil fuel cars are eventually no agelong used. Works